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    Born and Raised in San Diego, CA, D'Tonio took to drawing at the age of four and began practicing at the age of 11. "Artist's were like wizards to me. To watch someone use their mind and a pencil to make ideas come to life was mind blowing to me as a kid and I wanted to do the same". By high school He was duplicating various comic book covers from his father's collection numbering over 3,000 issues. He drew inspiration from Jonboy Meyers, Digital Painting from Stjepan Sejic, Watercolor from Keron Grant and Traditional Illustration from Peter Han just to name a few. D'Tonio's artwork has been used for merchandise, cover art, logos, and for various mobile applications.

   Now located in Atlanta, GA, D'Tonio has much to offer locals and fans of his work from prints and merchandise he is also developing a trading card game that will be ready for beta players later this year.